New dedicated zone transfer servers

  • Friday, 25th January, 2013
  • 12:13pm

Up until now, zone transfers were made from your server(s) to each of our 5 name servers directly.  We have now deployed two dedicated transfer servers, xfer1 and xfer2.  This change has several benefits:

  • Increased performance on our authoritative servers since they will spend less time handling zone transfers
  • Simplified configuration for end users since you only need to allow transfers to 2 servers instead of 5
  • Improved logging performance will allow us to add new features like zone transfer failure notices

We need your help to complete the migration to these new servers.  Please update your DNS server configuration to allow zone transfers to these servers:   ( (

Also be sure to update any firewall rules which may prevent us from querying your master server(s) from these IPs. It is not necessary to make any changes to your NS records. These servers will not provide name resolution for your zones, so do not add these to your domain at your registry and do not add NS records for these servers.

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