New IP for NS2

NS2 is moving to a new datacenter in New York. The new IP addresses are: 2604:a880:800:a1::80c:c001 This change will be completely transparent for most users. Vanity DNS users will need to update their A records for to point to the new IPs and change their custom name server's IP at the domain registrar. Read More »

17th Feb 2018
New Feature: View Zone Records

You now have the ability to view the current copy of your zones on our transfer servers. Use the magnifying glass icon on the list of zones to view the zone's records.

This page will also show you the last time our servers checked the serial number on your master server.

5th Sep 2013
New dedicated zone transfer servers

Up until now, zone transfers were made from your server(s) to each of our 5 name servers directly.  We have now deployed two dedicated transfer servers, xfer1 and xfer2.  This change has several benefits: Increased performance on our authoritative servers since they will spend less time handling zone transfers Simplified ... Read More »

25th Jan 2013