Sample BIND Configuration

Here is a very basic BIND named.conf file that enables zone transfers to DNS Unlimited.  This example only contains the additions needed to transfer zones to DNS Unlimited and will need to be merged with your current configuration.  Please contact support if you have any questions.

options {
# Only allow zone transfers to these servers
# Add others if you have other slave DNS servers
allow-transfer {;; };  
# Tell BIND to send NOTIFY packets to these servers
# This enables fasters transfers after zones are updated
# Optionally add other slave servers to this list
also-notify {;; };
# Only send NOTIFY packets to the servers listed in 
# also-notify above.  By default, BIND sends these 
# packets to all of the servers (NS records) in each zone
notify explicit;

zone "" IN {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/masters/";

Here is a sample zone file that shows the use of all 5 DNS Unlimited name servers:

$TTL 86400      ; 1 day            IN SOA (
                                2012112701 ; serial
                                10800      ; refresh (3 hours)
                                3600       ; retry (1 hour)
                                604800     ; expire (1 week)
                                3600       ; minimum (1 hour)
$TTL 43200      ; 12 hours
; additional records here....
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