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 The following steps are a basic outline for configuring your zone(s) for DNS Unlimited's secondary DNS service:

  1. Configure your primary name server(s) to allow zone transfers to the following servers:   (  (

    Please note that these servers are for zone transfers only.  They will not respond to queries.

    PowerDNS users should add or change the following settings in pdns.conf:

    # Allow transfer to and

    # Do not disable AXFR  (default)

    # Enable master support

  2. Add your zone(s) to DNS Unlimited using the control panel at
  3. Verify that your zones are transferring properly using your DNS server logs.
  4. Add NS records to your zone(s) for each of our name servers.  These records in BIND format look like the following: IN NS IN NS IN NS IN NS IN NS

  5. Add our name servers to your zone(s) at your registrar.

If you have an questions about configuring your zones, please consult your name server documentation for instructions or contact us for assistance.


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